Jonify inspired by the sight of the lake

JONIFY UNITES the musical emotions of me, a swedish jazz musician with also a passion for funk and r&b. Beneath it all, is the lyricism and melodies, inspired by the scandinavian nature’s beauty and different moods.

After many years as a working classical musician, where percussion was my instrument, time  has come for me to express myself in the other musical genres that I also love and always have listened to. In my early childhood I grew up listening to the Beatles, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman. From the time I had access to a small amount of money, I have memories hanging at the local record store and waiting to lay my hands on the latest Chick Corea, Spyro Gyra and Herbie Hancock albums. They just mesmerized me. Later I fell in love with Jeff Lorber's funky feeling and he has also along with the others, become a major influence.

I HAVE ALWAYS played the piano, at least to some extent and have used it as a practical tool in composing. I love sitting down at the piano, just playing what I feel in the moment. As a percussionist, I had use of the pianistics on several occasions. For example when I got the task to play prepared piano, for instance in Cage's "Second Construction" and also a lot of celesteparts in Symphony Orchestras.

THE KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS are vehicles for me to get out what is the essential - my songs. My intentions with this album are to deliver songs that are easy and straightforward.
So now it's time to launch Jonify, and I hope that you'll get a pleasant listening experience!