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Jonify Jams

Of course, I have a musical life outside this Jonify project. Here below, I'll display some stuff that I think is fun to share with You! It can be a tune recorded in a bar or in the practise room or whatever...What binds it together is that I had a good time playin' it!!

Alone together Piano solo with Anders Nyberg on drums and Kristian Lind on bass

Ballad Piano solo w/ Anders Nyberg on drums and Kristian Lind on Bass

Confirmation piano solo with drums from loop loft and midibass

Pippipology jam with drummer Mikael Wikman and bassline

Musical memory; Playin’ on late Stig Söderquist’s record. My own tune “Melancolia” feat Bernt Rosengren, Stig S, Olle Steinholtz, Carl Rasmusson and me.

Musical memory; Playin’ on the same record. Tune by Bernt Rosengren “I’m lost”. Same personnel.